Pool Safety Tips

Things every pool owner should know

to make your pool safe & fun for the whole family.

1)   Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in the United States, especially for children under the age of 5. Never leave a child out of eye contact either in or around the pool area. Remember, drowning only takes minutes.

2)   Teach your kids to swim or enroll them in lessons. The East End is a great place to enjoy all sorts of water-related activities. Swimming is key knowledge for any East Ender, no matter how small. Basic swimming knowledge can save a child in case of an accidental fall into a pool or other body of water.

3)  A Fence around the pool area is a great way to keep children out and away from the pool.

4)  Never swim alone. Always have someone in the yard, laying pool side or in the pool with you. Accidents happen even when you're a good swimmer.

5)  Children love pools and the colorful summer toys. Make sure all the toys are out of the pool when not in use so younger children don't try to get them.

6)   As a pool owner, you are liable for the safety of those who use your pool, invited or uninvited. Be sure your insurance policy is updated to include ownership of pool.

7)  Diving is a major cause of accidents resulting in paralysis and or death. For the safest pools, don't allow diving.

8)  Entertaining pool side is one of the most fun summer activities. Be safe when consuming alcohol and going near and in the pool. Alcohol does not mix with pool activities.

9)   Keep lifesaving equipment near the pool and make sure each family-member knows what to do in case of an emergency.

10)  If you have a small child or toddler we recommend a BABY-LOC or Pool Alarm . It is the best way to prevent accidental drowning and allow your kids to safely play in the yard. We carry a host of different pool alarms that are low-profile and unobtrusive but keep your pool very safe. Contact us today to find out more.

11)   Maintain your pool water. Have a professional check the chemical balance weekly or bi-weekly.

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